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List of Charity Donors

There are many types of charity donors and they donate for a variety of reasons,some for publicity but many prefer to remain anonymous. So because of this it is difficult to get a list of charity donors, and even more difficult to get a list of private charity donors. A list of corporate charity donors […]

Local charities

Good Business Sense How is it that giving your hard earned wealth to charitable organizations is viewed by many as a wise thing to do? Surprisingly, the answer doesn’t come from people who give nothing to charities but from those who actually give away wealth to these organizations. And they do not give intermittently but […]

Disaster Relief

Is Generosity a Myth or a Reality?

Is Generosity a Myth or a Reality? Although contributing to charity is an area that has drawn a mixture of responses and reactions from the public, it is definitely thriving and from all indications, will continue to grow. Individuals, companies and other entities display a propensity for committing their wealth to charitable causes. The impacts […]