List of Charity Donors

There are many types of charity donors and they donate for a variety of reasons,some for publicity but many prefer to remain anonymous.

So because of this it is difficult to get a list of charity donors, and even more difficult to get a list of private charity donors.

A list of corporate charity donors is more feasible, but such a list is never going to be accurate.

This is list of UK corporate charity donors

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Goldman Sachs International
  • Tesco plc
  • Barclays PLC
  • Vodafone Group plc
  • BHP Billiton plc
  • Santander UK
  • Ecclesiastical Insurance Group plc
  • HSBC Holdings plc
  • Diageo plc

In the US,¬†Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook, was the US’s biggest charity donor in 2013, according to a list of publicly-available donations.

Celebrities also rank highly on charity donations, combined, the 30 most generous celebrities donated nearly $64 million of their personal wealth to a variety of charities. Either for doing the good deed or simply for other reasons, these celebrities certainly cannot be accused of not giving generously.



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