Is Generosity a Myth or a Reality?

Is Generosity a Myth or a Reality?

Although contributing to charity is an area that has drawn a mixture of responses and reactions from the public, it is definitely thriving and from all indications, will continue to grow. Individuals, companies and other entities display a propensity for committing their wealth to charitable causes. The impacts of their philanthropy are no secrets. They are hailed for their deeds; they are regarded as social icons for their generosity; they are showered with recognition and prestige. With technological communications, their names are heralded and exposed everywhere. They gain popularity and esteem.

The Act is More Important

If the above is what really happens to individuals, companies and other entities for making charitable contributions, just imagine what it can do to small businesses in their own neighbourhood and localities. Nothing speaks faster than the act of giving away wealth in a show of kindness, philanthropy or just outright giving for the sake of giving or for any other reason. People do not normally delve into the reasons as to why an individual, company or a small business make donations to charity. They are more taken by the act itself rather than the reason behind it because people automatically think they know why. Additionally, it doesn’t detract from the gratitude that people feel towards the giver so small businesses will definitely prosper if they donate to charity.

But How Will they prosper?

Inquisitive minds always find a question to ask and the most asked is: Why do people donate to charity anyway? Naturally if you are a small business owner, you will ask the question in a different light like: How will I benefit financially from contributing to charity? And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because if you benefit as the result of giving away your wealth to others who are less fortunate than you, it’s perfectly fine. Even the Bible tells us that. So what can be better than for small businesses to enjoy an abundance of praise, prestige, esteem and popularity (good for the business) simply by just donating to charity? There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain and furthermore you get to keep the reasons why to yourself! Whichever way you look at it, small businesses stand to prosper from donating to charity.

Add-on Benefits for the Small Business

In addition to all the praises that flow from giving wealth to charity in their local settings, small business owners are also showered with a host of other rewards:

  • Taxes – the amount of donations made to charitable organizations are exempt from being taxed. Furthermore, the costs that you spend for travelling, parking, meetings and events on behalf of the charity are also tax deductible.
  • Wellbeing – the act of giving always endows a feeling of fulfilment upon the giver which in turn bestows a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Another reward for the owner of a small business.
  • A wider awareness – As a donor to charity, a business owner will find the need to delve into the problems that confront the charitable organizations. You find an inroad to global social injustices, new opinions and topics that you were not aware of previously. You may become an advocate of social problems and in doing so you will gain more prestige and esteem.
  • Spiritual reward – there is always something spiritual about giving to the needy because in giving, you reward yourself with a spiritual sense of inner peace.
  • Total giving of self – giving can only lead to further giving and you may find yourself becoming and enthused member of the organization you are sponsoring and volunteer your efforts and acumen for furthering the aims and objectives of the charity. Again this can only be a benefit to yourself and your business.


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